Testimonials (Managed Service)

by Alex Brown 18. November 2011 12:16

Some Quotes from customers who have used our Managed Service for data migration with Synchronicity Echo.


I must say that it has been a pleasure working with you on this migration. I think you have done an excellent job!  I know it’s a really complex data migration to do! I tried some before we got in contact with you, and it almost made me insane!

Hans Linder – Cinteros AB Sweden


It’s a easy to use solution for the migration.  The contact was very nice and fast.  Altogether it’s a perfect customizable solution for migrating from on premise to online hosted CRM

Benjamin Dodl - DM Dokumenten Management GmbH - Germany




Echo Global Partner Program

by Alex Brown 18. November 2011 11:03

I presented in New York the Synchronicity Partner program, and wanted to share the details with all partners who have expressed an interest in partnering with Synchronicity.  We're interested in hearing from potential partners in all Geographies, so please get in touch if you're a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, and have customers looking to migrate to CRM Online.

In addition to the discounted Echo licensing and training in the programs outlined below, we'll allocate Leads to members of the Partner Programe based on geography when customers contact us directly.  Typically customers are looking for some services work for the upgrade, as well as the data migration.

We've got 2 types of Partner Program on offer.  Firstly, for those partners who have the technical infrastructure to run Echo Data Migration, the 'Service Provider' Program.  For those Partners who want us to manage the data migration (you still manage the upgrade re-development), we have the 'Managed Service' Program.

Of course, we're more than happy to provide consulting services around Upgrade, Supportability and Development Processes - contact us for a day rate and to schedule services.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions as to how we could partner with you, and contact info@synchronicity-systems.com to join the partner program.




Service Provider Partner Program
Includes 5 endpoint licenses per year
Includes 1 day onsite training (expenses not included)
Includes hands on support for first Managed Migration (remote or on-site)
Premier Solution Support
Partner Portal / Blog Access / Beta Releases
£6,000 for First Year, £3,000 annual renewal
Bundles of 5 Licenses at discounted £3500.


Managed Service Partner Program
5 Synchronicity Managed Migrations included per year
Premier Support
Partner Portal / Blog Access
£6,000 for the First Year, £4,000 annual renewal
Additional Managed Services (Bundles of 5) at £5,400**




New York Partner Briefing AND Release 1.6 of Echo.

by Alex Brown 17. November 2011 13:09

Well, it's been a long journey, but we're finally on the point of releasing version 1.6 of Synchronicity Echo.  (www.synchronicity-systems.com/echo)

In conjunction with this, I've been asked by Umang Vasa (East Region PTA for Dynamics at Microsoft) to present Echo to the US partners, and I couldn't miss the opportunity to head over to New York and present in person.  In addition to presenting to a room full of US Dynamics Partners, Umang has opened up the briefing to the whole Eastern Region.

Release 1.6 sees Echo maturing as a product, enabling Dynamics CRM Online Migration from a source version 4 or 2011 database.  We've put a lot of effort into this release to ensure that the execution process is seamless - if you're interested, please download and evaluate.

I'm also really excited to be presenting a new Global Partner program today, which will enable us to work more closely with a select number of Partners from around the world.

We're always interested in questions and comments, and I'll be regularly updating our blogs with Echo specific information, as well as other Dynamics discussions.



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