New York Partner Briefing AND Release 1.6 of Echo.

by Alex Brown 17. November 2011 13:09

Well, it's been a long journey, but we're finally on the point of releasing version 1.6 of Synchronicity Echo.  (

In conjunction with this, I've been asked by Umang Vasa (East Region PTA for Dynamics at Microsoft) to present Echo to the US partners, and I couldn't miss the opportunity to head over to New York and present in person.  In addition to presenting to a room full of US Dynamics Partners, Umang has opened up the briefing to the whole Eastern Region.

Release 1.6 sees Echo maturing as a product, enabling Dynamics CRM Online Migration from a source version 4 or 2011 database.  We've put a lot of effort into this release to ensure that the execution process is seamless - if you're interested, please download and evaluate.

I'm also really excited to be presenting a new Global Partner program today, which will enable us to work more closely with a select number of Partners from around the world.

We're always interested in questions and comments, and I'll be regularly updating our blogs with Echo specific information, as well as other Dynamics discussions.



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